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Full Service Website Support and Marketing

Websites today need constant attention.  Gone are the days when you could create a website and once you were on page one you could sit back and enjoy the benefits. In the early days of Google only homepages returned in search results now that is rarely the case. You...

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Organic SEO Advantages

Why would you apply an organic SEO approach? Organic SEO will help you get to page 1 of search results.  Did you know 90% of all users never click past page 1 of search results? An organic approach to SEO means you focus on it all: Proper keyword research Good...

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How Smart City Solutions are Changing an Entire State

The state of Colorado is making bold moves in implementing smart city/smart regions technologies, and they want to share what they’ve learned, according to Jake Rishavy, Co-founder of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance. Rishavy, who spoke at last month’s Smart Regions...

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My iROCKER SUP, the Most Memorable Day EVER

I get out on my iROCKER stand up paddle board pretty much every day. Bad weather usually doesn’t keep me away unless it’s really rough and ridiculously cold. Other “obligations” usually won’t keep me off the water, either. Not a work emergency or a sniffle or a car...

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Privacy Policy for In-app Payments

If you have a mobile app with in-app purchase options, you’ll need to have a Privacy Policy for your app. There are two main reasons for this: Privacy laws App store requirements Financial information is protected by privacy laws around the world, so if your app...

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